Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Party in home

We reached Akbar house.”we both took one each melon in mouth and began sucking. Soon my free hand moved down on her body and I pushed my hand on bur. At that time Akbar’s hand also clutched her mother’s bur. She let us fondle bur for few seconds and then pulled his son’s hand away. “Akbar, that is not for you , my son. Let your friend dig the tunnel, you remain satisfied with milk pots. We sucked milk for about ten minutes and then she pulled us away.

“now, u two had enough, come on dining table” We washed and freshened up and sat on dining table. She served items . We began eating. She also gave company. In between she went to kitchen and came back after five minutes. She returned back with custard and all nude.

“don’t stop eating.. and Akbar never dream to enter

in this tunnel. Your friend has already explored it

before you came. He can have it again but If u wish

and no body is at home I will remain nude and u can do

every thing except chudai.” She pulled cunt lips apart

and sat on dining table in front of us. We watched her

cunt and finished eating. She again went to kitchen

and came back with two bowls of custard. We waited for

her next move. With both legs on each side she lie on

centre table. Her cunt got opened. She was in real fun

mood. She took custards in both her hand and spread it

over her cunt and boobs. Both got fully covered with

black custard.

“what you are waiting for, have your sweet dish, Rohan

u have it from well and Akbar u had it from mountain.

I positioned between her thighs and ate custard.

Custard soon got over and then I pushed cunt lips

apart and ate in and out of the cunt. She was moaning

loudly. I was unable to control so I down my trousers

and undy and pushed lawda in her waiting bur. Akbar

got up and he also removed his pant. His lawda was

almost of my size . He pressed lawda against her boobs

. She was enjoying and moving her hips up and down. I

fucked her hard and then I pulled lawda out of bur and

pushed it in her mouth. She gulped and sucked it. Down

as expected Akbar sucked his mother’s cunt and after

few minutes filled her bur with his tight lawda. Her

eyes widened but she was unable to resist. We fucked

her and fucked her in both bur and mouth. We

discharged at same time. She wanted me to pull lawda

out but I kept her choked and she had to drink all


Our breath relaxed.

” So, Akbar you could not resist fucking your mother.”

She held our lawda in hands and warned that if any one

of us tells about our relation to any one ,I will

disown every thing and you will not be able see my bur


After some rest I got ready and left the house before

Akbar’s father and sister returned. It was eight of

night when I reached home. My sister Rajee was busy in

study and father was discussing a case with his

assistant and a client. He enquired about me and got

busy again. I spent some time with Rajee and found

mother in kitchen. Our kitchen was in extreme corner

of house and before entering to kitchen one has to

pass through a window just above cooking platform.

From window I wished mom and she asked me to come in.

She was frying some eatable. She enquired about where

I have been. I told her about Akbar but no mention of

her mother and what unexpectedly happened there. Mom

knew very well that I liked her long and dense hair

more than any thing. She has tied it like a bird’s

nest over head. I always wanted it free flowing. So I

removed the clips and made her hair free. While doing

so my hand touched bare portion of her shoulder. I

have touched these before but tonight was different. I

had just tasted the blood and desire came to do same

thing with mom as I did with Rubiya, Akbar’s mother in

evening. I pushed my mouth amidst her hair. My both

hands held her at waist. I pushed my torso on her

hips. I could feel roundness and tightness of her

hips. I kept sniffing and at the same time experienced

smoothness of her bare skin just above waist.

“kya kar raha hai?” she tried to push me with her hip.

“oh mom, smell of your hair is so enchanting .I really

love it.’

“and your clothes and body is smelling like fish. Take

bath and put clothes for washing.” She pushed her

elbow in my chest. “don’t trouble me other wise food

would be spoiled.”

I took bath and changed to pajama and banyan. But she

was not in kitchen. I searched for her and found her

on bed in sister’s room. She was surfing a magazine.

“khana ban gaya kya,” I enquired.

“Roti banana bakee hai.” Mom replied without raising

her head.

“U rest mom, I will make roti.” Sister suggested. But

mom told her to study and said that she will make

after some time. I came back to my room. I tried to

recall what happened in evening. I felt so happy of

recalling that how Rubiya enjoyed sex and behaved like

a randi. I wonder whether my mother would suck my

lawda like Rubiya did. I was sure that with help of

Akbar I would again be able to fuck Rubiya but now I

wanted to fuck this lady at home who fortunately is my


“like your hair on head this (pubic ) hair would also

have heavenly fragrance.” I whispered. She again hit

me but this time harder and shouted “betee, aa jao

khana taiyar hai.”

But I moved my hand down and took her bur in my hand

and squeezed it . Bur was wet I heard some one coming

and I pulled hand out and moved away from her.

After dinner she finished her work and we all moved to

our respective rooms. She talked with me in normal

way. I was very pleased with result of my efforts. I

wanted to see and fuck her cunt as soon as possible. I

was not getting sleep. I kept thinking of enjoyment I

had with Rubiya and feel of mother’s cunt. I thought

of calling mother to my room. I looked at watch. It

was almost mid night and I was awake for over an hour.

I got up and softly knocked at parent’s door. It was

not locked. I moved inside. In dim light I could see

both sleeping on bed. I looked around. I saw saree,

blouse and bra lying on the floor beside mother. It

means that she is only in petticoat and father has

fucked her. She had covered herself with a silky

sheet. She was laying flat and father was on his side

facing her. He was snoring and mother’s eyes were

closed in deep sleep. I sat on floor on my knees and

slowly moved a hand inside sheet covering her leg. My

hand fell on her calf . It was bare. I slowly moved

hands up. My hand reached her knee. It was also bare.

Though I was moving my hand on her legs I was staring

at father’s eyes. My hand moved up and I felt her

lower thighs. I caressed it some time and moved up on

her thighs but then my hand found clothes over mid

thighs and above. I tried to push my hand to cunt but

fingers got trapped in bundle of clothes between her

thighs. She certainly got fucked with petticoat on. I

did not want her to wake up. So for few minutes I

caressed lower thighs and then pulled my hands out of

sheet. I moved towards her face. I again pushed inside

sheet and my hand fell on her breast. It was hot. I

took breast in my palm and very softly pressed. I felt

a smile on her lips. Like that I caressed both breast.

She moved little and lifted her one knee. In the

process one breast came out of sheet. I looked at it

lustfully. It was big almost like of Rubiya. I put a

soft kiss on nipple. She was in deep sleep. Then

slowly I lifted sheet above her body and threw it

towards father. There I saw what I wanted. She was

almost nude. Though petticoat was there it was trapped

on her thighs making cunt fully exposed. It was

covered with hair .I slowly slowly rubbed cunt petals.

In sleep itself she widened her legs. She must have

dreaming of nice fuck. I was becoming mad. I moved

fingers on her cunt and put my lips on it. The smell

of cunt was fantastic. I sniffed and rubbed tongue

over it. At that time I felt my BP increasing and got

climaxed. I let all my juice fell over her cunt. After

my excitement got over I got up. I touched her cunt ,

have softness of her juicy breast but not touched her

lips so far. I felt like putting a kiss on her but

then I decided against it. I took hold of lawda which

was still having some erection left. I lower it down

and let my lawda touch her lips. Her lips quivered but

eyes remain closed. I wanted to push lawda in her

mouth but sense prevailed over me and I returned to my

room leaving her uncovered. I was more than satisfied

but I wanted to fuck my mother more than before.

Holding my lawda in hand I slept.

It was almost seven when I got. I saw door of my room

closed but I remember that in night I let it wide

open. I looked down and saw my lawda tight. It means

either mother or didi saw me nude. Though I felt

embarrassed I masturbated and let my cum fell on the

bed itself. I got up, put on clothes and came out.

Mother was busy in kitchen and father and didi was

reading news papers. They smiled at me . I went to

kitchen and hugged mother from behind.

” when u sleep nude you should close the door. What

Rajee would have felt if she would have seen you in

such animal condition?” She said. I was happy that she

only saw my lawda. I kissed on her cheeks .She pushed

me out,

” clean yourself , tea is ready.”

We had tea and snacks. Thereafter I got busy in

completing homework of school. Rajee left for college

and father for office. It was 8.30 0f morning and

Kammo, our maid came. She talked with mom and got busy

with her work. She used to call me Raja. She was in

early twenties. She was with us for last three years.

She was married and mother of a two year old boy. She

was ordinary looking lady and today also I did not

give any attention to her. Kammo was now sweeping and

preparing my room.

” Raja, ye kya hai? Naya bed sheet gandaa kar diya!”

she said.

“maine kya kiya..” and I looked to her. She was

holding sheet and pointing her fingers to the stain

which was caused due to ‘cum’ which I discharged in

the morning. I remained quite.

She continued “tum abhi chote ho? kisko yaad kar..

paani giraya? maa ko ya didi?ko.” She giggled.

“chup kutia? tumko yaad kar raha thaa..” I spoke..

“Hai,.. phir se bolo?”


“wohi jo tumne abhi mujhe kaha..”

” kya? kutia!”

“haan, mujhe? kutia khahlana bahut achha lag_ta hai?”

“Apne gharwala ko bolo wo tumhe kutia kah_kar

pukarega, kutia ?”

“saala kutia banata hai lekin kutia bol_ta nahi. Ab se

tum mujhe ‘kutia’ ke nam se pukaro?lekin akele me..”

She continued, ” lekin Raja abhi se ye paani giraoge

to kamjor ho jaoge aur pheer tumhari gharwli dusre ke

saath mazaa maregi.. abhi tum bachhe ho..”

I looked at her. My eyes fell on her boobs which was

revealing from top of her blouse. Down she had a

printed long skirt. I got a desire to suck those


“kutia, tera beta abhee bhee dudh choos_ta hai..?” I


She pulled bed sheet and threw it on floor. She took

another and spread it on bed.

“ab ise ganda mut karma.. aur ? ?

“aur kya kutia?” I winked at her.

“oh.. kutia sun_na bahut achha lag raha hai..”

“bol na kutia.. bachhe ko abhee bhi apna dudh pilati


“nahi re.. wo bada ho gaya hai? ab to uska baap

choos_ta rahta hai.” She weighed her breast on her


I got up from chair , held her hand firmly and

pleaded, ” kutia, mujhe apna chuchi chusne do,” I

tried to touch her breast but she moved away.

“chhi.. kya ganda baat kar_te ho” she continued

holding her breast and said ” na to tum chhote bachhe

na hi mard bane ho?tumhe abhee intzaar karma hoga”.

” kutia, please kutia ,maine abhee tak nangee chuchi

nahi dekhi..please ek baar dudh pila do?” I kept

pleading but she went out of room.

I again got busy with my study. I had to leave for

school in another one hour. After some time Kamoo came

in and stood in front of me.

“kya hua Kammo!.”

“kamoo nahi ‘kutia’ bulao.. Mummy (my mom) bath lene

gayee hai.. jaldi se choos lo..”

I turned my chair towards her. I held her both breast

and said ” ohh kutia tum baahut achhi ho..

I unbuttoned her blouse. She helped me unhooking her

bra. Now both breast were coverless. I sucked both one

by one and squeezed. While sucking I got up . I moved

one hand down and took my lawda out of pant. Then I

squeezed her choot above the skirt. I could feel

wetness of cunt. She had no panty. I pushed one finger

and it went in her chut along with cloth.

“Ohh Raaja? kya kar rahe ho.. tum to khali dudh pina

chah_te they. Ahhh? Mat karo, unglee bahar nikalo?”

She moved her hand down . My lawda struck it. I made

her hold my lawda..”

“Raja.. yeh too pura taiyar hai?”

” Kutia, mujh_se chudwaegi?.”

“han.. Raja? lekin abhee nahi” Now I pushed my hand

inside her skirt and took hold of her choot. Like

Rubiya she also had shaven it. I fingered her cunt.”

“bus Raja? maa aa jayegi”

She pulled herself away . She hooked bra and buttoned

blouse. My lawda was still hanging out. She came near

me. Took lawda in hand

” lagta. Hai ise kamre ke under band karma parega..”

she pushed lawda inside my pant and closed button.

“Kutia, aaj raat ko yaha ruk jaoo khubh jamkar


“jaldi mauka dungee” and she went out of room.

I came to school . Whole day me and Akbar talked about

his mother.while returning home I told Akbar ” Rubiya

gave us both so much pleasure just imagine how much

more pleasure her two virgin daughters ( Akbar’s

sister) can give us.”

“tum meree bahno ko chodoge.” Akbar asked.

“We both will fuck them together. They are young and

wanted to enjoy sex. Talk dirty sex with them . ”

I put seed in Akbar’s mind. After enjoying his own

mother it was not difficult to make him fuck his own

sisters. While coming back home it occurred to me that

why not I let Akbar fuck my mother in my presence and

I will fuck his!

I thought of acting on this idea after my lawda gets taste of mom’s bur.

At home I waited for right time. I took bath and wore

trouser and banyan. Like last night at 8.30 I went to

kitchen. She saw me coming but ignored me. I stood

behind her and without any hesitation I removed all

clips and knot and unfolded her hair. I rubbed my

mouth on her hairs and caressed her back. I unzipped

and took lawda out. It was semi erect .I positioned it

between her two hips and pressed my body on her. She

has just started making roti. Slowly slowly I caressed

her back from neck to hips. I caressed hips also. I

kept my lawda pressed to her hips I moved my hand down

. My hand moved between two thighs over the saree. I

took time to let my hand explored each and every mm of

her both thighs up to knee. Her thighs were firm and

solid. Journey of my hand over her thighs took about

10 minutes time. Then I brought my both hands on her

bare belly. With both hands I caressed her belly and

back waist. Now my lawda was fully erect and she

certainly was feeling hardness even over saree and

petticoat. Like last night she hit my hands with

belan. But she kept quite.

“mom, please come to my room after father sleeps.” I

spoke softly and continued caressing her belly.

“why you were calling ‘kutia’ to Kammo. This is very

dirty word.” She said.

“no, mom in fact she has told me to call her by kutia only. She likes this way. ” I replied. I let my one hand remain on belly and left hand I slowly moved over her body. I was moving my hand very cautiously and slowly. My left hand reached at bottom of her breast.

I let my hand rest there. She hit once again on my hand under her breast.

“I don’t know how I will like if some one calls me ‘kutia’! she wondered.

“and you know she said that her husband makes her

kutia but does not call him kutia. I did not

understand what she meant by ‘makes her kutia’. I

said. Now my right hand started journey downward. With

left hand I weighed her breast. These were heavy. Down

my fingers played with belly button for few moments

and then slipped down to her pubic area. Today there

was no hair. She has cleaned it in day time.

” Father also makes you kutia.” I enquired and that

very moment I took bur in my hand. I pressed cunt

petals and clit. My left hand cupped her breast. This

time she hit both hand twice.

” your father very often makes me kutia.” She replied.

I now concentrated on enjoying her cunt. I squeezed

her breast and cunt together. After fondling for few

minutes I inserted one finger in the bur and pushed

left hand inside her blouse and bra. The pleasure I

got now was much more that what I had last night. She

stopped making roti. For sometime she stood with her

hands on kitchen platform but then she pushed her hip

backward. I thought that she is enjoying but called

her daughter, ” Rajee come and serve dinner.”

I moved away. ” mom please come to me in night.”

I came out of kitchen.

It was again midnight but she did not come. I went to

parent’s room. Like previous night it was not locked.

I went near bed . She had covered herself with a

sheet. I slowly pulled the cover. My bad luck she has

not changed dress before sleeping and it seemed father

has not fucked her also. Except her face and hands

every part of body was covered. I decided to make her

nude. Slowly slowly I pulled knot of saree . With her

sleeping it was not possible to pull saree out of her

body. I could see the knot of petticoat. I opened the

knot and pushed petticoat clothes loose. I slowly and

slowly pushed both petticoat and saree down. Either

she did not feel it or she pretended not to feel. In

about ten minutes she was nude below waist. I caressed

her cunt and planted a kiss. I looked at my self and

then I saw that I came nude to her. I caressed cunt as

much as I could. Now I could see her cunt wide open in

full view. Her clit was visible. I wanted to push my

lawda in her cunt but restrained. I came up and

caressed both breast for about 3-4 minutes. Then

slowly slowly unbuttoned her blouse and pushed flaps

away. Breasts were caught inside bra. She was flat so

it was not possible to unhook bra. I kept both hand on

both breast. Pressed them softly. Now I was at point

of discharge so I just stood over her face and

directed my cum on her cheeks, lips and top portion of

breast visible out of bra. Like last night I made my

lawda kiss her and then I came back to my room.

I slept with dream of fucking mother tomorrow.

Next morning again Kammo allowed me to suck her breast

and fingering of cunt. I kept calling her Kutia.

Mother behaved in normal way. She did not say any

thing about her getting nude in night. In school I

talked dirty about Akbar’s mother and sisters. And

finally he said that he wants me to see fuck his

mother again and also his sisters . I advised him to

talk more and more of sex with his sisters and let

them read sex books.

In night again at 8.30 I went to kitchen. Today I held her chuchi from back and kissed her neck. I kept pressing her chuchi and said ” kutia, kal raat mere room me ayee kyo nahi.”?

She did not objected for calling her kutia. Though I touched her breast earlier two nights but the

pleasure I got now was fantastic. I continued pressing her breasts and pushed lund on her hips.

“kutia, mujhe kitna tarpaogi..”

While pressing her boobs blouse got unbuttoned and loose. I pushed blouse up and unhooked bra. Now both nude chuchi were in my clutch..

“jo kar rahe ho tum kar rahe ho, maine kya kiya..” she spoke.

“ohh kya mast chuchi hai tumhari.. mazaa aa gaya

dabaane me..”

“imagine what will happen if your father and didi sees

you doing this..”

“they will beat me.. so what..” I pushed one hand

inside petticoat and fondled her bur.

“kutia, your bur is so wet let me suck it..”

“you should go and do chudai with Kamoo or some one

else my bur is not for you.’

“see kutia, if tonight you don’t come to my room then

saali tomorrow I will bring a friend with me and we

both will rape you randi.”

” ok , we will see that tomorrow now make my clothes

ok. Your sister may come any time. ”

I squeezed her bur for some more time. Then I made bra

and blouse ok as before. I held her with waist.

Suddenly an Idea struck me. In a rush I bend down and pulled her clothes up. My lawda touched her bare hips.

‘Ranee, thoda chuttar pichhe karo.”

“Ranee mat bolo, mujhe bhi kutia bolo,,”

She switched off gas and pushed her hips back. I

spread hips away and saw cunt hole. Without waiting I

pushed lawda in cunt and started fucking my mother for

first time in kitchen.

“bete, jaldi se paani gira do.. koi aa jayega..”

“raat me chudwaogi.. randee saali?”

“han raja.. bur kholkar aaungi.. abhi Rajee dekhegi to achha nahi hoga..”

I moved fast and hard. It was very exciting moment and soon I discharged in her cunt. Soon she stood


“isiko kutia banana bolte hai, samjhe pyaare..”

“mom come in night on my bed.’

“baastard don’t call me mom, call me kutia, I am a randee.”

She called for sister and I sneaked to my room.

I waited for her. And I slept. I got up when some one

shook me. She was there totally nude. I pulled her

down on beside me. I got up. Switched- on main light.

Her body was shining. I kept my door wide open.

“what you are doing? Keep door closed. Some one may

disturb us.” She said.

“oh ranee, I want to fuck you with lights on and door open.”

“don’t call me ranee. I am randi and call me randi.”

She got up and put the door shut. Lights were kept on.

“ab tum mat tarpao.. jaldi se iss kutia ko chodo..”

She widened her legs. With both hands she spread cunt

lips. I moved between her legs and kissed cunt.

“ouch.. kya kar rahe ho?” she tried to stop me sucking


“ohh kutia, let me eat cunt..”

“no first fuck me? mujhe khub chodo.. teen din se

tarpa rahe ho..”

I squeezed clit and pulled it.

“ohh.. no.. ahhh?”

I chewed cunt and rubbed it. I massaged cunt with my


“ohhh? lawda under dalo.. chodo mujhe?.”

She was moving her hips with movement of my tongue

over her cunt. I chewed and sucked it . Now I was

eager to enter her and I pushed lawda deep in cunt . I

pressed breasts and kept thumping her.

“Ahh Randi, kaisa lag raha hai.. kutia.”

“bus raja , pel_to raho?ahhh?” she held me in her arms

and kissed me.

“till three days back every thing was ok. You behaved

normally. What made you fuck me, your own mother.”

“mom..” I started to speak but she cut me short.

When a married woman gets fucked by any one other than

her husband she is nothing but a randi and a street

bitch. Call me bitch and randi?”

“BUT a randi gets fucked by so many lawda, how many lawda has entered your bur.” I enquired.

” matherchod, never ask any woman or girl this question. Not even your wife. Tell me who gave you

idea to fuck mother.”

“ok bitch, my dear randi..let me tell you what made me fuck you bitch..”

Then I narrated everything from going Akbar’s house to Sucking of Kammo’s boobs.

I fucked hard and told her that I want to fuck Rubiya in presence of her and she gets fucked by Akbar. I also told her that she should help me to fuck Akbar’s two sister.

“how is Akbar’s lund?”

“kutia, it is like mine , he will fuck you hard..”

“ok , tell your friend to bring his mother any day.”

She said.

“but, you are not alone.” I doubted .

“no son, from 11 to 3 I am all alone and four hours are more than adequate to fuck me and Rubiya”. She held me tight . Oh raja jor jor se maaro meri bur..ahh bahut mazaa aa raha hai? When you made me nude last night why you have not pushed lawda in bur.”

Now we were climaxing. We held each other tightly .Imade push hard and harder . She tightened legs over my waist. She calmed and I filled her bur .We remain glued for some time. We kissed and caressed each other for some more time.

“randi, how am I ? Could I satisfy you..?”

“yes, raja, you are ok. Put on some more weight then your woman will enjoy more.”

She got up and wanted to leave. “now I will go.”

“saali, sleep with me whole night.”

She kissed my lund and said ” tomorrow again you fuck your bitch and in morning don’t forget to push your lawda in kammo’s choot. I will watch it.’

She went out?and I slept happily.

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